Don't let braces wreck your style!

Turn correction into expression with WildSmiles braces! Here at Thornton Orthodontics we are excited to provide this unique opportunity to our patients. WildSmiles are specially designed brackets that come in a variety of fun shapes including stars, hearts, soccer balls, footballs, flowers, and Super-Diamonds® They're a fun alternative to traditional braces and let you customize your smile to best fit your personality! WildSmiles provides the same quality of smile after treatment but makes the experience that much more enjoyable.




What to do next?

  1. Design your smile with this cool design tool and choose which shapes you want!
  2. Call us at 541-686-1732 to schedule a complimentary consultation to find out more!

Smile Like a Duck

Combine your WildSmiles shapes with the Oregon Duck braces to show off your school pride!

Learn more about Duck braces here >

Join the WildSmiles Community

After choosing your awesome smile, share it with our community.

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WildSmiles designer orthodontic brackets are made in the USA and patented designs offered exclusively through WildSmiles Inc. Use of logos, products, and other proprietary information is expressly granted by WildSmiles Inc. A copy of all register trademarks and patents can be found on file at the USPTO.

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